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What Is A Website-Simple Way

In today’s digital age, a website frequently serves as your business or organization’s front entrance through which many customers will pass. So, a website became a prerequisite of any professional entity. It is important to know what exactly a website is and what it can do for you.

In Technical Terms:

A website is a set of pages programmed in (computer)languages having information about you/your business. A web website is stored on a computer called a ‘server’ which is accessible globally as long as you have internet access. Every website has a unique address called ‘domain’ name.

In Layman’s Language:

A website is nothing but biodata/profile of you/your organization which represents who you are, what you do, what you did, how to contact you, making purchase of what you sell and so many things without visiting you physically.

Generally, A website covers points like…….

  • Who you are:
    Generally, this page is highlighted as ‘about us.’ This section of the website gives an overview about you or your business. This part covers all general information like foundation, history of growth, credentials, accolades, recognition etc.
  • What you do:
    This page can be highlighted as the extent of your work and expertise. Here we put all information about our products and services that we offer.
  • What you did:
    This page often displays a Portfolio. This page showcases the work we have done for our customers. We can cover case studies of some customers to gain the attention of visitors.
  • How to contact you:
    Contact Us or Contact is the page that contains personal or work contact details like address, contact no, email address and social network links. A contact form is generally added to the page in case someone needs to make an inquiry, give feedback or make a complaint.
  • What you sell:
    This option helps the customer to view and purchase your product or service without visiting your premises. Customers can make online payment to avail your product or service.

Types Of A Website:

  • Static Website:
    Static means unchanged. Static websites are online version of your company profile. Generally, this solve the purpose of only online presence to let customers know about you. The content of static website always remains same.
  • Dynamic Website:
    A Dynamic website contains information that needs to be changed or updated frequently. The content of a dynamic website can be changed without disturbing the live version of the website. Dynamic website provides more functionality to the website visitor than a static website.
  • CMS:
    CMS stands for Content Management System. CMS is a more advanced version of a dynamic website. CMS has powerful features like user management, content publishing, multisite, api integration and many capabilities as per requirement.
  • e-Commerce:
    eCommerce website is an online shop where you facilitate your customer to make purchases without visiting your store. e-commerce website offers online payment options through a payment gateway. eCommerce website plays a vital role in business transformation through easy availability, money & time saving, quality service and huge target audience.
    eg.www.amazon.com, www.flipkart.com, www.snapdeal.com
  • Web Application:
    A web application is a complex website which is developed to meet a special purpose.Website having more functionality and many user levels are best examples of web applications.The business applications accessible through a browser are web applications.eg.

    1. ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning
    2. CRM-Customer Relationship Management
    3. Core Banking Applications
    4. Online Booking -Hotel, Tickets, Events etc
    5. Social Networks- Facebook , Twitter etc
    6. Portals- Real Estate, Travel, News etc
    7. Classifieds- Alibaba, Quickr, Olx etc

Simply, any startup company website which provides specific functionality are good examples of a web application.